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Our barbers are trained mentors, positive adult role models, and community champions.

When youth participate in the mentorship program, they will have the opportunity to:

• Build confidence and peer support toward individual and common goals.
• Build leadership, problem-solving, and social skills.

• Celebrate and be celebrated for their achievements.
• And build networks of support that last.

6k Barbering Program for at Risk Youth. Starting July 2022

In the back of a Malaga store warehouse, the sounds of buzzing clippers and good-natured banter will fill the place.

The place isn’t a barbershop, though, it’s a community centre—part of a program designed to help local youth embark on new careers as barbers.

The centre is run by Roots Tv, a non-profit dedicated to youth in low-income in North Perth. The program —the 6K Barbering program — will start early May 2022.

The program will anticipate having over 12 young apprentices who will be finishing this pre-accredited program. Mentored by experts in the industry. The focus will include also, Health and safety and financial literacy.

Some of the students have been previously involved with the Juvenile Justice program, which focuses on at-risk youth, but it’s also open to members of the community, ages 17-24, looking to make a positive change, regardless of their background.

Do you work with Risk youth, who can benefit from this upcoming Program? get in touch. #community #work #careers #warehouse #healthandsafety #students #change


UNLEASHED Barbershop Chat Season 3

The local community tackles all of today's big social issues head-on including, racism, identity & youth culture. through this engaging project.

All the conversation will be taking place in a local barbershop where most of the people, get ready for some raw cuts...

Uninterrupted and unscripted series The Barbershop chat by Roots tv . Offering unfiltered conversation and debate with some of the local community members who hold strong views.

The Barbershop chat gives viewers a one-of-a-kind barbershop experience, which for many provides a sanctuary for free-flowing and spirited discussions. The series will visit various local barbershops around Perth to gather distinguished individuals who can speak honestly on many issues, from culture, race and faith, and other culturally relevant topics.


Roots Tv short films


Bad Roads is an emotional short film following the struggles of a single African mother trying to raise her son in Perth Superb in Western Australia. You can Watch BAD ROADS on youtube from tomorrow. BAD ROADS is an emotional short film following the struggles of a single African mother trying to raise her son in the North Perth Suburb. the film address young people's choices in life. We wanted to approach this topic with a new lens. The film reflects on how the streets often claim young men for themselves, only to spit them out in the form of prison, death, and trauma. Whilst most young men unwillingly volunteer themselves, how does this affect the ones called to care for them? BAD ROADS shows how the choices of a son affect his mother, and in shining a light on the toll taken on those we perceive as the strongest; it aims to deter young people from pursuing this perilous path.


Roots Talents

The goal behind Roots Talents was to connect talent from the Multicultural Community with casting professionals and allow them to apply to castings. this directory website will be for actors & extras, scriptwriters, poets, photographers, crew, stylists, and musicians.

Casting professionals can list an audition or job for free on Roots talents website, manage applications and contact members online, and also check out member profiles in our Talent Directory.

Talent can sign up for free and create a basic profile for free:

They can also Apply to unlimited auditions and jobs.

Appear in the Talent Directory.

Add more photos, videos, and audio to their profile.

let's see beyond lists. we cant wait to show you the end results.