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Roots Tv primarily works with young people in areas that have been historically underserved and in need of meaningful opportunities for training and engagement in new digital media technology. The skills they learn enable them to be more creative and express their ideas, and they are also valuable skills in high demand in today’s technology-based world.  Roots Tv participants engage in their communities by creating documentary and short fiction films that reflect their understanding and vision of the world and their imagined futures.

Focusing on visual storytelling, artistic expression and performance, Roots Tv students create digital video projects in various genres, including documentary, narrative short fiction and experimental. Working with experienced media instructors, filmmakers and artists, participants learn the different aspects of digital video production, such as cinematography, editing, screenwriting, producing, directing, acting, scoring, sound, and lighting. 

For some, our program is a fun way to be creative with their peers, and for others, it is an introduction and immersion into a potential career path.  Over the past 3 years, we have also developed new programs such as NeXt Doc and the PA Institute to support diverse, emerging filmmakers ages 20-24 as they transition into the field of independent film. 

Our programs include hands-on technical, creative and artistic workshops, film screenings, youth gatherings, analysis of film theory an history and presenting filmmakers 

Meet our team


Noelle Mentile | Saed  Heyward | Aaron Blaire  | Jayana Fountaine


Tracey Yang   | Mohamed Adam | Jamel Wilson| Layla NevillePickard | Ada Harper | Judie  Hanson 

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