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Creative  Workshop – Filmmaking with a Youth Group

Ever wanted to try filmmaking with your youth group but didn’t know where to start? This short course by Roots Tv will help you facilitate an introductory workshop in filmmaking and support the young people you work with on the creative path to making their first short film.



Making a film or piece of video content is a fantastic creative process which can engage even a very mixed group of young people in working towards a united goal.  Through engagement with the filmmaking process, young people can find their voice, tell their stories and explore creative ways to express themselves through the medium.   Finally, they get to exhibit their work to each other, their families or friends at a premiere or to a broader audience at a youth film festival. A huge validation of their efforts and acknowledgement of their creative teamwork!


A group of 8-18 young people is a good size for making one short film.  the aim of the workshop, is to deliver an exciting short film, that address youth issues and challenges, and showcase it in local schools.

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