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Roots Tv Podcast Awards have been created to highlight the best podcasts communities in Western Australia.

Guidelines and Key Rules

The RPA welcomes all podcast makers to enter from big brands to bedroom publishers, charities to comedians... anyone who is helping to build an industry in which we can all be proud.

This competition has been created with you in mind: the categories reflect the genres that have evolved since the early years of podcasting; the judges are independent representatives of the industry’s breadth and diversity; the rules are designed to make it easy to submit and the whole event is affordable to enter.

The Roots Tv Podcast Awards are here to promote the great work you’re doing, encourage listeners to try new shows, and provide a space for producers, presenters, sponsors, platforms, writers and performers to have fun.


Diversity & Representation at the Roots Tv Podcast Awards

The Roots Tv Podcast Awards are designed to be open for all - and we actively encourage podcasters from different backgrounds, particularly those underrepresented in other media, to enter the awards.

We partner with groups and individuals - from the judges, we select to the presenters of the awards, and through outreach - to encourage submissions from all communities.

We do this to ensure that podcasting keeps its promise of a level playing field for all creators to find their perfect audience - and that, as the medium develops, we don’t lose this unique strength.

Below we have listed the ways we intend to do this.


How We Judge the Awards

The Roots Tv Podcast Awards have always aimed to celebrate and reward podcasts that offer a diversity of perspectives. In a medium less impacted by the usual way programmes are commissioned and produced, we ask our judges to compare entries based on not only their quality and impact but on their ability to give a voice to others.

1) Representation

There are several ways that we can influence the representation of podcasting in WA.

  • Indigenous Black, Asian or another minority ethnic background

  •  Women

2) Outreach


There are two elements:

  • Work to ensure all podcasts know about the WA Podcast Awards

  • Ensure that those who know about us, feel positive towards entering.



Actively engaging with different groups and communities is a key part of meeting these aims. We will:


  1. Include more listeners, as well as podcasters working outside of Perth.


  1. Provide outreach to community groups online that represent hard-to-reach communities


  1. Develop new events that promote discussion and debate between podcasters

3)The Future

This is a process, and as we continue to monitor and publish data, act on these policies, and work with podcasters from all backgrounds, we hope for equality and fairness in the podcast sector and let it be a leader for the wider media and world.

We will revise this statement and evolve our position before each new awards campaign.


If you have any questions, or suggestions on how we should build an equitable WA PODCAST AWARDS,please email


Roots Tv Podcast Awards Ltd - Diversity Statement

Roots Tv is committed to encouraging equality, diversity and inclusion among our team, entrants, project participants and eliminating unlawful discrimination.


The aim is for all of these stakeholders to be truly representative of all sections of society and the wider podcast community.


The organisation - in providing goods and/or services and/or facilities - is also committed against unlawful discrimination of customers or the public.