Roots TV is a non-profit organisation supported by our community.

Roots Tv is a project of Youth Development project in WA Australia, Created and developed by a group of leading thinkers and practitioners, as a platform for change and a way of exploring, developing and trialling innovative youth using media as a platform of engagement 


   Our Model 

The Roots Tv model has a number of key principles that are the foundation of our success and enable us to work cohesively with some of the most vulnerable young people within our community. These principles are based around providing an environment conducive to bringing out the best in people by drawing on their creativity and giving them the tools to be articulate in their experience of the world. This is then backed up by providing a pathway into employment within a production business where the creative can become the commercial, where the creative skills can put food on the table.

  •  Some key elements of the Roots Tv  model are:

  •  Capacity for sustained engagement/pathways (12months -2years)

  •  Small class size (15-18)

  •  Multi layered staffing structure (Teacher, Youth Worker & industry professional)

  •  Strengths based approach to learning

  •  Studio style collaborative teaching/learning space

  •  Inclusive inspirational culture

  •  High quality industry standard resources/equipment

  •  Teaching (& learning) methodology – competency-based assessment, practical hands-on learning in a collaborative context with   public ‘media’ outcomes

  •  Individualised pathway support

  •  Creative to commercial – opportunity to work in a professional production business


About Us

We exist to use media as a platform to engage and work cohesively with some of the most vulnerable young people within our community.


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